This page provides a wealth of resources to help you learn methods for human-centered design, find about the latest technology related to mobility, and get answers to your frequently asked questions.

Design Tools and Tips

New to human-centered design? These resources can help you get started.

Civic Design course at UC San Diego

This studio course follows a human-centered process to design services for complex socio-technical systems. Students teams will conduct user research, generate ideas, and create prototypes for civic issues affecting San Diegans.

City of San Diego’s Open Data Portal

The official data portal for City of San Diego includes data on public safety, street repairs, transit route lines bike routes, parking meter transactions and locations, traffic volume, and traffic accidents. Use the search bar at the top to find data.

SAP tools for creating design-led applications

SAP has created a set of educational materials and tools called BUILD.ME to help developers put people first. This site explains how you should invest time in user research and design at the beginning of the product lifecycle.

Latest In Mobility

Cities across the globe grapple with many of the mobility issues in San Diego, click here for a list of research papers and popular articles that we have found useful.

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