Design for San Diego (D4SD) is a civic design challenge that provides a space for all of us to address the region’s most challenging issues. D4SD offers a series of public workshops to bring together a wide range of stakeholders and to scaffold a process of framing human-centered design problems, prototyping solutions, and building alliances to bring good ideas to life.

Who can participate?

Anyone! If you care about the city and want to have a chance to have your voice included in the conversation, then we welcome you! Find below some potential ways groups that can participate.

What are the goals of D4SD?

To connect innovators, experts, city officials, professional designers, business leaders, and community members through a combination of in-person events and online activities.

To increase and diversify participation, particularly for typically underrepresented or marginalized populations, by creating a range of specific roles while striving for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To increase the agency of bottom-up community initiatives and enhance communication between the community and city.

To contribute to the burgeoning design-driven economy in San Diego by providing resources to help launch top proposals by bringing together leaders from various sectors.

To provide an educational opportunity that serves people from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and motivations.

To collaboratively explore a range of civic problems that the San Diego region faces.

Who are the people behind D4SD?

D4SD Organizers

Steven Dow

Michèle Morris

Eric Hekler

Steven MacNeil

Jennifer Taylor

Brian McInnis

Laura Spencer

Damon Deaner

D4SD Team

Enrique Arcilla

Jason Ding

Natalie Duprey

Jonathan Funes

Julie Fung

Ben Gibbs

Bryce Grubbs

Brendan Jew

Paridhi Khaitan

Stanley Lee

Lee Liang

Martin Magsombol

Kylee Peng

Boya Ren

Eric Richards

Lu Sun

Stone Tao

Christal Vo

Hedy Wang

Yuhan Wang

Chenyang (Dawn) Ye

D4SD Speakers and Facilitators

Howard Blackson

Brent Boyd

Coleen Clementson

Matt Cox

Damon Deaner

Colleen Emmenegger

Pete Garcia

Everett Hauser

Greg Horowitt

Bahija Humphrey

Paula Intravaia

Amy Jackson

Josh Kavanagh

Stacy Kelley

Dan Lenzen

Debbie Leung

MaeLine Levine

Roger Lewis

David Malmuth

Antoinette Meier

Gabe Miller

Don Murphy

Alyssa Muto

Daniel Obodovski

Bennett Peiji

Kevin Popovic

Kevin Popovic

Bryan Rill

Bryan Rill

Lima Saft

Colin Santulli

Dave Schumacher

Dave Schumacher

Ken Soto

Srini Srinivasan

Daniel Suh

Cecily Taylor

Catherine Thibault

Sean van Tyne

D4SD Educators