Challenge Briefs

What does it mean to be a Sustainable City? For us, a sustainable San Diego is one where all parts of our city connect and support each other and the environment. Working together, we can design ways to improve mobility, health, housing, and the climate for our region.

How do you fit in?

Everyone is important in advancing a more sustainable San Diego, including you! Below are several examples of challenges that we can address, together. This is just the start of our collective effort. If you see a problem not listed here, go investigate it and share back to the D4SD discussion forum, or come to an event where you can motivate others to join you.

HEALTH: How might we help all San Diegans live healthy and active lives?

MOBILITY: How might we help people move freely in San Diego?

ENVIRONMENT: How might we prepare San Diego for natural and human-influenced environmental challenges?

HOUSING: How might we reimagine housing to meet the needs of all San Diegans?