You can take part in D4SD in a variety of ways! Whether by ideating solutions, giving feedback, teaching civic design in the classroom, or supporting the initiative, getting involved with D4SD will look a little different for each person. Below are a few ways to get involved.

Volunteer as a feedback provider

Contribute to D4SD as a feedback provider! Innovators in D4SD need diverse community members’ perspectives to improve their proposals on civic issues. Learn more about how you can provide critique on ideas to help teams iterate upon their concepts.

Join the discussion

We have a Slack workspace set up with multiple channels that will allow innovators to communicate with their team members and the greater D4SD community. When you register online, you will be connected to our network of resources based on how you want to participate.

Join the mailing list

Keep up with D4SD updates and events with our newsletter! Every week we highlight key takeaways from discussions, shout out community members, and remind you of important deadlines to help you stay on track during the challenge.