Sign up to be a feedback provider

Innovators in D4SD would love to hear community members’ perspectives on their proposals. All San Diego community members are welcome to sign up here and to share their knowledge and experience with D4SD teams.

How can I be a feedback provider?

  • Sign up below. Feedback providers will register on our system and will receive an email with instructions and next steps.
  • In February 2020, we will email you a request to review design concepts by different teams. D4SD participants will submit their preliminary design concepts, including details about their design proposals and questions for you to answer.
  • Through the D4SD feedback exchange, you can learn more about the team’s problem framing, design proposal, and goals. Pick questions to answer and provide open-ended feedback. If you finish reviewing one team, and you have time, provide feedback for another!
  • Stay in touch with your teams. Your feedback will be sent directly to the D4SD teams to help them refine their concepts for the final submission. You have the option to leave your contact information so the team ask follow-up questions.

If this sounds like a fun way to contribute to this initiative, sign up here: