Physical Fitness

How might we create opportunities for San Diegans to stay active and socially integrated in the community?


Physical activity is one of the ways to improve one’s overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), physical activity can help to prevent breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, and heart disease ( These statistics highlight the importance of physical activity to prevent chronic health conditions. However, physical activity is becoming less common as the nature of work transitions to digital spaces. This transition to sedentary office work may partially explain why according to the American College of Sports Medicine only 25.8% are meeting aerobic and strength guidelines. Physical activity not only benefits individuals, it can affect the overall community. Building active and walkable communities can help to increase levels of economic activity, employment rates, and property values. One way to accomplish this goal is to increase the number of people using alternative modes of transportation to get to work, such as biking or walking. Currently, it is estimated that only 3.8% of people are bicycling or walking to work. Clearly there is room to improve, but the nature of work may also need to be re-evaluate if we want to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Specific angles to explore

This challenge explores how we might help people stay physically active and social integrated. For example, we might assess the community’s physical infrastructure for walkability, identify local agencies that support active living and physical activity, and partner with city and regional planning agencies to encourage the development of active transportation.

Job-related barriers: How might we help people engage in healthy activities when their jobs get in the way?

Teaching health habits: How might we teach k-12 students proper movement patterns in a way that doesn’t feel competitive or demotivating?

A fitness cultureHow might we create a culture of fitness where people of all ages can participate and thrive?

Fitness for all ages: How might we provide fitness opportunities in which people of all ages and move together?