The D4SD Summit will be an online event focused on bringing together our community to solve problems and cultivate assets through human-centered design. The goal of the Summit is to translate design ideas into action and create connections across San Diego. Everyone is welcome and can participate.

How can you participate?

If you want to contribute by bringing a problem, asset, or solution to the D4SD Summit, then there are three pathways to contribute. You can:

We welcome everyone to take advantage of the resources we collected to help the community, such as methods for human-centered design and a D4SD Slack workspace to discuss the civic issues and find teammates.

See the calendar below for key opportunities to get involved.



Online Design Jams

In light of COVID-19, our community faces new and unprecedented challenges. D4SD is here to provide support for our community through online, collaborative design support. Join us every Friday starting April 10 from 11am-2pm to practice empathy building, research, problem framing, ideating, prototyping, and connecting with the stakeholder community. Join for any or all of the D4SD design jams on April 10, April 17, April 24, and May 1.



Community Feedback

Optional opportunity to get early feedback from the community for ideas that you want to bring to the D4SD Summit. Submit a sketch, writeup, or prototype. Get input from diverse perspectives.



Submission Deadline

Submit a digital poster to illustrate your team’s problem and proposed solution to be included in the D4SD Summit. Be ready to communicate your idea and work virtually at the Summit, including both stating what you are offering and also asking for what you may need from the San Diego community.



D4SD Summit 2020

Showcase your digital poster and participate in online civic design discussions with key leaders in business and civics. Remix your concepts with others working to address challenges during this one-of-a-kind interactive virtual event.

Join the newsletter to get the latest news and instructions for how to get design help and also submit early ideas for feedback and how to enter the challenge. If you want to submit your and your team’s work to the summit, then keep reading below for details about the challenge rules and deliverables. If you want to get involved in other ways, check out our volunteer opportunities or register to attend the D4SD Summit on May 15.